User experience (UX) ananysis of Banner ad


Here comes Scrollads to rescue.

The existing banner ad initially appears in an important area of the text article, but it disappears as scrolling. Despite being the way of grabbing most attention, at the same time a customer can feel discomfort, it is a system that scrolls like a main text article and disappears. It also reduces the inconvenience of customers.


From the customer’s point of view, it is strongly exposed in the process of recognizing the page, but when the scrolling starts, the advertisement is ineffective because the advertisement can not be seen.

The existing banner ad b is always exposed at the bottom of the screen. This has stronger exposure on the page than the main article, and is still exposed in the same position even when a customer scrolls.

From the customer’s point of view, Scrollads recognizes the position and size of the advertisement in the process of recognizing the page, the customer reads the text article while avoiding the recognized advertisement space.

How Scrollads work

Scrollads is a method that ad appears at first, then disappears when scroll starts. A customer who first scrolls an ad may go past one or two ads without knowing it even exists. The scrollads is noticeable only at a particular point in the scrolling process. Ads with small movements continue to attract customers’ light attention.

From the customer’s point of view, the position and size of the scroll ad can not be recognized in the process of reading the page, and such unpredictability leads to a higher attention.


Scrollads Conculusion

1. It does not interfere with text articles or readability of text articles.

2. It is a method that is exposed many times with a much lighter stimulus than the existing advertisement.

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