Structure and intrusiveness of mobile advertising

General editing structure

Depending on the structure of the text article with introduction, development, turn and conclusion, a table of contents is born, and for a long time articles have introduction, development, turn, and conclusion appear through the content called book. This logical structure separates the space of an article from the space of an ad. The conclusion can only be reached by reading all the way from the top to the bottom sequentially. The area that is not advertising and advertising occupies space exclusively.

Most of the titles are from titles to subtitles, and the volume of the text is a sequence of several paragraphs in a row. Certain paragraphs can not be completed in their own right, and they will be able to comprehend the whole through paragraphs and paragraphs.

Editorial Structure in the Mobile Age

In the age of the Internet, mobile articles, in particular, evolve in a different way from books, with conclusions appearing first as small subheadings and under the headings describing titles. This is a way to learn information effectively in a very short time.

In the process, most images act as visual elements of the title or paragraph. In other words, the title, paragraphs, and images are mostly chunks that stimulate the perception system.

From this point of view, you can see a short title, a paragraph of 4 to 5 lines, and a chunk of image as one module that can deliver information quickly and effectively. The size of the module that can be seen at one time without scrolling is ideal.

Facebook timeline is the most optimized with such way.  

Ad intrusiveness in mobile environment

Ads are invasive, bringing the effect of the ad, but also bring discomfort. The lower the invasiveness, the less the advertising effect, and the higher the invasiveness, the higher the advertising effect. If repeatability is applied to invasiveness, invasiveness will be low, but if it is exposed repeatedly many times, favorability will increase. If invasion is high, repeated exposure will cause discomfort.

both hands to eliminate advertising or read the text, and an internal environment that covers the original article without exception for invasion.

The first is to hold the smartphone with one hand and click the close button with the other hand. Most things like floating ad and interstitial static ad are shown on top of the original content.

Plus it adds to the fat finger effect, which makes the customer’s discomfort over the desktop environment.

Intrusive variable 1: Size of ad

The biggest component of invasiveness is the size of the ad. Generally, the larger the ad size, the greater the invasiveness.

Intrusive variable 2: Location of the ad

The second element is the location of the ad. The layering method that covers the text is the most Intrusive, and the way it is inserted between the body articles is then highly Intrusive.

Intrusive variable 3 : Customer interest

You’ll feel intrusive when your ads are not relevant to your audience, or are not relevant to your article.

Solution: The combination of back-end targeting technology and Real Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) technology can solve this problem.

Expandable ad is created by combining variables 1 and 2 above. However, the actual rate of users clicking it is low. Therefore, effect is low.

Existing ads are structured in an invasive state. The intensity of the invasive nature persists. If this intrusion is strong, you can use the close button to remove it or scroll to disappear. This strong ON / OFF button must be present to trigger clicks and billing.


  1. Intrusiveness is an important factor in attracting (stimulating) customers.
  2. Intrusiveness is proportional to the discomfort of the customer.
  3. Intrusiveness must be linked to repetitive exposures to get ad revenue.
  4. The strong intrusiveness that customers can not avoid has been profitable. (Close button + fat finger effect)

Scrollads differs from traditional ads is designing intrusiveness. In other words, how should the ad appear? How should ads disappear? How should it affect the readability of the original article?

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Sungho Park@seihakustyle
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