Principles of Scrollads user experience (UX)


Special experience is here. We gradually maximize customer interest in process of converting ads into text articles. Scrollads will create an excellent user experience (UX) by animating without users being exposed to 100% ad or 100% body text.


Give the control back to customers

In most cases, customers get annoyed when they lose control as ads are shown. For example, when a customer goes into a website to read an article, an ad pops up which require clicking close button. Until a customer closes an ad, they don’t have a control. Therefore, customer’s control of smartphones, which are personalized devices, is very important. 

scrollads UX

Scrollads is not annoying ad, it is rather  fun and pleasant (gamification). When an ad becoming fun thing from annoying thing, the power of ad is unexpected. The main reason for this feeling is that viewing advertising and text articles is within customer’s control. Having control of the device is critical.  

With Scrollads, customer’s unique experience will ultimately lead to advertising effectiveness.

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