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  • Scrollads’ inventory is vacant, so you can install it additionally anytime.

  • Scrollads promises an exposure of 3 to 5 times with same traffic.

  • Scrollads is highly effective for CPC for sure, for CPM, too.

  • Insufficient fill rate won’t be a problem anymore.

  • Scrollads doesn’t disturb your readability.

  • You can set up how many ad copies to expose on each page.

  • You can set where the guideline for ad image transition to be.


Increase in inventory
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Do whatever you want with it!
We provide it under white label policy.
Integrate it with your ad server and boost your revenue Customize Scrollads guideline, color, and ad density.

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It will be done in 3 minutes
1. Add Class: Add html sa_area class
2. Paste the code: Scrollads code
3. Check AD: Start Scrollads

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Doesn’t interfere with 3rd party ads.

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