“Scrollads plugin” guide

The Scrollads plugin can be deployed right away without integrating with the ad server, because we’ll provide you with a plug-in that’s optimized for you within a day. The Scrollads plug-in works without connection to the server, so no further development is required.

Of course, it works on all ad servers.

Install in 2 minutes and use it for free for one month.


Advantage :

  • Installation completed in 2 minutes
  • 100% support for existing ad server technology (Targeting, Click tracking, impression tracking, 3rd party ad tags .. etc)
  • Send up to 2 ad campaigns per page.
  • Three kinds of animations (flip, card, cube)
  • Inventory expansion at least 2x up to 10x (depending on page content)
  • If you install it immediately, you earn revenue immediately.


process :

Please provide a test publisher account and test ads for one day, and we will provide you with a plug-in optimized for you within 24 hours



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