Scrollads : Perspective of viewing the Ads.

Scrollads perspective of viewing the Ads.

Scrollads view the ads in a completely different perspective than before. I would like to talk about our perspective of viewing the ads.

Traditional advertising appears to be intrusive and persistent. That is, the ad suddenly and intrusively invades into a customer’s context, and the invaded ads are continuously exposed.

We do not believe such way of ads does not influence the effectiveness of ads. Rather, we believe the opposite way is more effective.


First, we focused on diluting the invasiveness of the ad. If you show only one ad, you would want it to be exposed desperately, but if you can show it repeatedly, you can lower the density. (Scrollads is the way in which ads are still exposed based on the volume of text)

The way to reduce invasive density is to expose your ad in a space that is less readable by customers. The main body of the article is to get the customer’s attention first, and then to expose the ad in order. The most annoying thing part customers feel is that they are first and foremost exposed in a way that covers most text articles although the texts are more important for them.


I have an opposite view about persistency. Traditional ads consistently display ads of a certain size in specific locations. When customers experience these attributes repeatedly, “ad avoidance instinct” occurs, and when a similar attribute appears, it means that the text is read out of the space altogether.

In other words, a fixed ad with a specific location and area will be recognized as an advertisement by the customer, and the customer will skip the space with the “ad avoidance instinct”, which in the long run will reduce the effectiveness of the advertisement. It’s what makes your ads less effective.

When ads appear in an area of readability, Scrollads disappear. Customers who first views Scrollads will continue to read the text without acknowledging the ads or vice versa. However, if scrolling is repeated, the disappearing effect will lead to higher attention(the more common ad is focused on the effect that appears).

Text ads in scrollads do not have a fixed location or size. The scrollads’ method, which is random in location and size, is much more stimulating than the traditional ads.

Control Authority

Traditional advertising does not give control to customers. However, the scrollads authorizes customers to be in control. You can scroll to view the original article, or scroll to see the ad again. When you have the authority, the most important appraisal, “irritation,” will be diluted.

  1. The scrollads is designed to be opposite from the invasion and persistence.
  2. The scrollads dilutes the “ad avoidance instinct”.
  3. Scrollads gives control to the customer.

You will know after trying scrolling with Scrollads.

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A bowl that holds ad.

Will be a bowl that holds good ads.
Sungho Park
Sungho Park@seihakustyle
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I've created Scrollads demo page.
You can experience the process of downloading the plugin and installing it immediately after registering. Scrollads Plugin download + Admin page + Ad delivery + Ad stats
You can easily understand how it works even if you are not a developer.
Experience it now.
Thank you.
Sungho Park
Sungho Park@seihakustyle
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You can see Scrollads applied to eBay.
In this post, I made a sample that considered eBay's user experience.
You can see sample links applied to product detail page and category page, Exposure space of Scrollads, Increase in inventory, Animation Targeting, Contextual targeting, Intrusion and emotion of ads.
What is your opinion?
Sungho Park
Sungho Park@seihakustyle
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This is how you apply the Scrollads to eCommerce website.
First of all, the user experience is important, because of the nature of eCommerce.
See how Scrollads has created the user experience, attention and inventory.
Interesting infographics and sample links are available.
Sungho Park
Sungho Park@seihakustyle
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Scrollads website is renewed.
We made effort to deliver information easily and intuitively.
I would be glad if you visit website once in your time.
Thank you.