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We do not buy/sell traffic.
We privide Scrollads techonology(Plugin, SDK)

We want to have partnership with Ad network, publisher, media group, commerce site, and Potal site.
We will help to improve ad effectiveness and acquiring inventories.



Install in 3 minutes and use it for free for one month!
“Scrollads plugin” guide


The Scrollads plugin can be deployed right away without integrating with the ad server, because we’ll provide you with a plug-in that’s optimized for you within a day. The Scrollads plug-in works without connection to the server, so no further development is required.
Of course, it works on all ad servers.

  • Installation completed in 3 minutes

  • Send up to 2 ad campaigns per page.

  • Three kinds of animations (flip, card, cube)

  • Inventory expansion at least 2x up to 10x (depending on page content)

  • 100% support for existing ad server technology (Targeting, Click tracking, impression tracking, 3rd party ad tags .. etc)

If you install it immediately, you earn revenue immediately.


Please provide a test publisher account and test ads for one day, and we will provide you with a plug-in optimized for you within 24 hours

How to install Scrollads Plugin

Scrollads pricing policy

  • Advertising area
  • Animation Type
  • Installation time
  • Sending an advertisement
  • Ad format

Plugin for contents

  • Mobile Web
  • Flip, Card, Cube
  • Installation completed under 3 minutes
  • Customizable
  • Image

Plugin for ad

  • Mobile Web
  • Flip, Card, Cube
  • Installation completed under 3 minutes
  • Two campaigns
  • Image

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