Scrollads for Ebay UX

Exposure space of Scrollads

Scrollads are not inserted on the main page. Scrollads can be inserted into most final landing pages or category pages.
You can see a sample of Scrollads on eBay to see how it works.

Product description page

It is recommended that you use product description pages to show cross-selling related products. The mobile ad size of 300 * 250 is recommended, and ecommerce, which does not receive ads through an external ad server, can expose ad images in any size.

There are six inventories per one product description page, and has the advantage of enhancing the purchasing funnel and increasing the stay time by exposing the products related to each content area.

You can scroll directly here.


Source : E-bay. Oct 21, 2018. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sealed-in-Box-AT-T-LG-V30-H931-64GB-P-OLED-6-0-4G-LTE-Unlocked-Smartphone/253889390566?epid=239082825&hash=item3b1cfca7e6:m:mQtMxS_wY_Y8RdLWwO0jaFA

Category page

Most category pages have repeated patterns. On the left is a product thumbnail image and on the right is a summary of the product. In this case, applying Scrollads is easier and simpler. I see about four items on one screen of the smartphone, but if you look at the user experience, I recommend that you have one Scrollads per 1.5 scrolls, or one Scrollads per 2 scrolls. (This exposure setting can be customized freely on Commerce side) Because the concentration of customer is limited, it is good to combine content and animation with factor of attracting customers because of characteristic of static that ecommerce UI has.TRY IT!

Source : E-bay. Oct 21, 2018. https://www.ebay.com/sch/aop/i.html?_productid=239082825&rt=nc&_trksid=p2349624.m43539.l44418&_pmc=true

Increase in inventory

When you add Scrollads for Commerce to eBay, your inventory will increase by six on the category page. In case of product detail page, 4 ~ 5 inventories will be added. This means that six inventories per page are created.

Animation Targeting

The nature of the animation can also be set differently depending on the customer’s targeting. For young customers, we recommend something like a cube or a flip that gives an instant attention to the eyes, and a card type that does not interfere with readability is recommended for middle-aged customers. Of course, for categories that are difficult to identify customers, you can keep the attention of the customer by making the animation random.

Intrusiveness of animation is related to speed and area. Faster the speed and bigger the area, the more stimulus customers will feel. In most cases, the customer’s attentiveness becomes more dispersed as the stimulus becomes stronger, making it difficult to get into the quick purchase. This is why most commercials are reluctant to introduce animation.

Contextual targeting

It is recommended to expose the content mainly on the up-selling (Featured products, New arrivals, Seasonal offers, Daily offers, Bestsellers, Similar products, Products viewed, Products with customer reviews, Recommend products, Offer an upgrade, Package deals, Provide free shipping, Gift wrapping, Personalization via Customer History) product category page in the product detail page centered on cross-selling (Supplementary products, Related products, Products frequently bought together, Promote what customer also bought, Promote additional items for (almost) free).

Intrusion and emotion of ads

  • The invasiveness of an ad is unpleasant when : When the design appears to be contrary to the context
  • The intrusiveness of an ad is notable in the following cases : When appearing in a similar or slightly modified form to the context

In particular, content that conveys product information (rather than ads), when combined with Scrollads, tends not to be viewed as an invasion of the ad. This is because it attracts interest as a channel of information transmission. In the end, if you combine the product information or review information you want with the Scrollads in the backend technology with AI, the effect will be much bigger.

On UX, UI suitable for e-commerce is UI of content type, not ad UI. For example, the content-type UI for eBay is a format that emphasizes typographic, color, and image styles that make up eBay’s timeline. For example:

I think it will be better to use the above two together.

Advertiser’s design identityUGC + E-Commerce design identity


Source : E-bay. Oct 21, 2018. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sealed-in-Box-AT-T-LG-V30-H931-64GB-P-OLED-6-0-4G-LTE-Unlocked-Smartphone/253889390566?epid=239082825&hash=item3b1cfca7e6:m:mQtMxS_wY_Y8RdLWwO0jaFA


Ultimately, no matter what UI is configured, it is important to increase your desire to purchase without hurting the user experience in the customer’s shopping process. In addition, it is essential to have a proper level of attention, invasiveness at a level that does not give a sense of humor, and natural exposure to customer’s movement.

I am curious to hear your opinion about the special user experience Scrollads proposes.

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A bowl that holds ad.

Will be a bowl that holds good ads.
Sungho Park
Sungho Park@seihakustyle
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I've created Scrollads demo page.
You can experience the process of downloading the plugin and installing it immediately after registering. Scrollads Plugin download + Admin page + Ad delivery + Ad stats
You can easily understand how it works even if you are not a developer.
Experience it now.
Thank you.
Sungho Park
Sungho Park@seihakustyle
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You can see Scrollads applied to eBay.
In this post, I made a sample that considered eBay's user experience.
You can see sample links applied to product detail page and category page, Exposure space of Scrollads, Increase in inventory, Animation Targeting, Contextual targeting, Intrusion and emotion of ads.
What is your opinion?
Sungho Park
Sungho Park@seihakustyle
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This is how you apply the Scrollads to eCommerce website.
First of all, the user experience is important, because of the nature of eCommerce.
See how Scrollads has created the user experience, attention and inventory.
Interesting infographics and sample links are available.
Sungho Park
Sungho Park@seihakustyle
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Scrollads website is renewed.
We made effort to deliver information easily and intuitively.
I would be glad if you visit website once in your time.
Thank you.