About Business Partners

Currently we do not sell or provide traffic. We would like to supply Scrollads products.

I think that better advertising products should create an environment that allows more choices. We want to be a good ad channel that creates high quality ads.

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We think our partners first.

  • A0paper Co.,Ltd. supplies Scrollads codes.
  • Partners add Scrollads to their products.
  • Partners sync Scrollads into their AD server.
  • Partners make additional profit through their websites
  • The partner company can maintain the security, and stability of the server.
  • Ad network company
  • Publisher, Media group
  • SSP, DSP, PMP company
  • ADtech company

Scrollads acquires the information of the company interested in the contract. Here’s what we want to know.

  • The number of publishers that can be self-secured (meaning Scrollads installable publishers).
  • Self secured traffic (meaning Scrollads installable publishers).
  • Basic information of company. 

As the mutual consultation progresses, we will send you the Scrollads code and API linked document.
Partners will test the demo code and negotiate the scope of customization together.
The scope of customization is device and browser.


Fill out the license agreement.
This content includes scripting technical information, customization scope, and revenue sharing.
Maintenance, enhancements, and additional technical support will be added.


It supports device optimization and browser optimization in your country.
Complete the optimization for devices and browsers with travel and remote support. 
Customization to improve the quality of your ads is supported on an ongoing basis.


Send optimized Scrollads code.
Partner distributes the code to the publisher and earns additional revenue.
We pay a certain percentage of additional sales commission.

Our offer

We will provide Scrollads for free.
Publisher with big traffic will be provided 3-12month of free Scrollads.
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