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How to utilize Scrollads Plugin for eCommerce.

Scrollads for eCommerce can be customized as desired by Commerce. Scrollads will also create 3 additional inventories per space.
Here are the spaces where inventory can be generated:
Category pages, sub-category pages, brand category pages, product pages, special promotional pages, customer review pages, blog pages, and more.

Customer behavior is divided into four categories, which can expose cross-selling, up-selling, and various other promotional content.

  1. We will dramatically increase user’s stay time.
  2. Make user experience interesting.
  3. Strengthen customer’s content attention.
  4. Lock customers into purchases strongly.

Scrollads for eCommerce is available as a “plugin for content” product.
You can see a sample of applying Scrollads to each page by following link. (Will be updated continuously)
Thank you.

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