Scrollads Benchmark Data

Scrollads experiment environment

The media company chose not to be a large media company but a personal blog with only organic traffic (1,000 ~ 2,000 daily traffic).
Deleted all other ads that are installed in the media company and ensured that only the relevant advertisement product is exposed.
The advertising content is selected as a popular product and the aim is to measure the click.
Samsung Galaxy homepage image was used to produce advertising contents.

The images that are common to the four products are unified as the representative images of the Samsung Galaxy homepage.
In the case of Scrollads Storytelling Type, additional images are inserted.
The ad text that is exposed with Scrollads applied the head copy from the Samsung Galaxy homepage.

Did not applied any of the currently applicable targeting, and made sure it’s exposed to the most basic environment.
As someone clicks on the webpage, the rectangle banner, standard banner, Scrollads Mere-Exposure Type, and Scrollads Storytelling Type are exposed in order.
Apply negative click filtering for accurate data extraction.
Scrollads has no close button, so assuming there are no false clicks occurring.

  • Scrollads Mere-Exposure Type : Way to repeatedly expose one banner image and one ad copy.
  • Scrollads Storytelling Type : Way to expose 10 different banner images and 10 different ad copy.

The most effective advertising product has been selected, out of the current popular advertising products of Google display. (click)

Conclusion. Scrollads Benchmark Data

The following is an analysis of the advertising effect of advertising copy and advertisement image.

Scrollads exposes 10 ad copies and 10 ad images sequentially if the amount of the original article is sufficient. What we are wondering is how will the customer react when advertisements are exposed in sequence? I started with this question.

We’ve seen up to 10 ads, but we do not expect all 10 of them to be exposed because of the amount of original content. It appears that up to five pieces of ad content are significant.

Advertising effect by ad copy order

Ad effects by ad image order

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A bowl that holds ad.

Will be a bowl that holds good ads.
Sungho Park
Sungho Park@seihakustyle
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I've created Scrollads demo page.
You can experience the process of downloading the plugin and installing it immediately after registering. Scrollads Plugin download + Admin page + Ad delivery + Ad stats
You can easily understand how it works even if you are not a developer.
Experience it now.
Thank you.
Sungho Park
Sungho Park@seihakustyle
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You can see Scrollads applied to eBay.
In this post, I made a sample that considered eBay's user experience.
You can see sample links applied to product detail page and category page, Exposure space of Scrollads, Increase in inventory, Animation Targeting, Contextual targeting, Intrusion and emotion of ads.
What is your opinion?
Sungho Park
Sungho Park@seihakustyle
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This is how you apply the Scrollads to eCommerce website.
First of all, the user experience is important, because of the nature of eCommerce.
See how Scrollads has created the user experience, attention and inventory.
Interesting infographics and sample links are available.
Sungho Park
Sungho Park@seihakustyle
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Scrollads website is renewed.
We made effort to deliver information easily and intuitively.
I would be glad if you visit website once in your time.
Thank you.