Scrollads : Advertising effectiveness and efficiency

Traffic is a huge advantage of mobile advertising. Many advertising technologies are focusing on increasing the efficiency. Targeting technology is one of the most important focal point. It is important to ask “Who will be the audience?” Audience targeting will increase the efficiency of advertising.

Existing targeting technologies are becoming more common and developing into an advertising infrastructure. Many advertisements work with the DMP and they become a popular advertising infrastructure. I think the peak of targeting is getting closer. Because it is an area created only by technology.

What Scrollads is aiming for.

Scrollads focuses on effectiveness rather than efficiency. I believe that targeted customers getting their own taste of advertising is an important matter. There is a huge confusion in an area where technology, emotion and many variables coexist. Perhaps human’s emotion is the most important variable that we need to be aware of.

I believe that creativity is the biggest variable in maximizing the effectiveness of advertising. Most ads’ creativity is limited by the channel in which they are embedded. Conventional display ads are defined by the attributes of “display only one standardized advertisement image on a web page”. Therefore, the advertiser can only deliver an aggressive message.

Of course, the advantage of these channels is standardization. For advertisers, however, the problem is that it is limited to show creativity on ads (One small image file). You will need more traffic to get more results. It is a widely known fact that the more it is exposed, the better the effectiveness of ads.

However, Scrollads has a different point of view. I believe it should be a channel that gives the greatest amount of openness and freedom to customers where they reach the ad. Openness and degree of freedom refer to the ability to embed various multimedia contents. Opening the channel in this way will help the advertising agency in the ad ecosystem to shine.

When you add creativity in your ads, you’ll be able to get successful advertising from those campaigns with low traffic. While previous ads were designed with a stimulating image to get attention, now it must be created with fun ad copy, whimsical ad image, and  variety of ad videos together to create an ROI-oriented ad trend.

More and more interesting ad content will be created than what we have experienced. By removing restrictions on what we want to show, it will make our lives a better future.

In order to increase the effectiveness of your ads, you need to be more customer-friendly, loyal to your advertiser, and more user-friendly (UX) in the process of seeing your ads. Although Scrollads is a very small ad product, we believe it will have a significant impact on our customers and advertisers.

Scrollads can provide an infinite space of creativity.

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A bowl that holds ad.

Will be a bowl that holds good ads.
Sungho Park
Sungho Park@seihakustyle
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I've created Scrollads demo page.
You can experience the process of downloading the plugin and installing it immediately after registering. Scrollads Plugin download + Admin page + Ad delivery + Ad stats
You can easily understand how it works even if you are not a developer.
Experience it now.
Thank you.
Sungho Park
Sungho Park@seihakustyle
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You can see Scrollads applied to eBay.
In this post, I made a sample that considered eBay's user experience.
You can see sample links applied to product detail page and category page, Exposure space of Scrollads, Increase in inventory, Animation Targeting, Contextual targeting, Intrusion and emotion of ads.
What is your opinion?
Sungho Park
Sungho Park@seihakustyle
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This is how you apply the Scrollads to eCommerce website.
First of all, the user experience is important, because of the nature of eCommerce.
See how Scrollads has created the user experience, attention and inventory.
Interesting infographics and sample links are available.
Sungho Park
Sungho Park@seihakustyle
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Scrollads website is renewed.
We made effort to deliver information easily and intuitively.
I would be glad if you visit website once in your time.
Thank you.