Our Story

We have long dreamed about mobile advertising. We promised to create ads that are more creative, effective, and fun for our customers. The process of overcoming and solving countless problems took a long time. We were walking on the road where no one walked.

Starting with a very small idea, Scrollads is not just about interesting animations. We are currently changing the design of mobile ads to analyze the limitations and make things simpler and more efficient. We’ve changed the definition of inventory, changed the format of the ad, and changed the way it looks.

After I changed everything, I left something very simple. It is a Scrollads

Our purpose is simple. It is easy and easy for an advertiser and a customer to create their favorite ad product, and to the ad-tech company that wants it. I believe we can make a better advertising market together.


Meet The Team


12 hours daily × 5day work week × 3 years
We are a team that is dedicated.

Sungho Park
Sungho ParkCEO
Patent 91%
Business Development 94%
Strategy 87%
Kije Park
Kije ParkFullstack Developer
JavaScript 95%
Node.JS 91%
Typescript 87%
Youngmoo Koo
Youngmoo KooOverseas sales & BD
Overseas sales 95%
Communication 92%
Marketing 96%

We deliver your ads in more effective way.

We do not buy/sell traffic. We provide efficient, effective and user friendly ad format. We love to collaborate too!
Let us know if you have any questions.

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