Fill Rate Guideline

Scrollads’ Fill Rate

Existing banner ads occupy the area of a webpage in the same way as color paper, and the way in which the ad is exposed. This means that the number of ads to insert into the screen is limited.

You will not see many ads on the limited screen, and you’ll get ads in the best location and ads in the worst location. And to get more inventory, ads that cover text in layers appeared, and the concept of this ad inventory was the same as it was 10 years ago.

Fill rate is important for this type of inventory. If you can not keep an empty space filled with ads, the space will be empty. Therefore, it is forced to fill House Banner.

Existing methods, where each ad is fixed in position and size, necessarily impair the readability of the text article and cause customer discomfort and irritation.

Advertising must appear large, long, and should try to drive clicks into the current ad. (I personally think that this makes the advertising effect worse)

Scrollads and inventory

Basically, the Scrollads do not have inventory. That is, even if the fill rate of the scroll ad is 0%, the customer can not recognize it. There is no reason to insert a House Banner, nor is there a need to fill in the fill rate. This is because the scroll ad ad area does not exist from the beginning.

The scrollads uses the back side of the image embedded in the body as an inventory and it also uses the back side of the text inserted in the body as an inventory.

Scrollads have premium ads that contain only good advertising content.

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A bowl that holds ad.

Will be a bowl that holds good ads.
Sungho Park
Sungho Park@seihakustyle
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I've created Scrollads demo page.
You can experience the process of downloading the plugin and installing it immediately after registering. Scrollads Plugin download + Admin page + Ad delivery + Ad stats
You can easily understand how it works even if you are not a developer.
Experience it now.
Thank you.
Sungho Park
Sungho Park@seihakustyle
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You can see Scrollads applied to eBay.
In this post, I made a sample that considered eBay's user experience.
You can see sample links applied to product detail page and category page, Exposure space of Scrollads, Increase in inventory, Animation Targeting, Contextual targeting, Intrusion and emotion of ads.
What is your opinion?
Sungho Park
Sungho Park@seihakustyle
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This is how you apply the Scrollads to eCommerce website.
First of all, the user experience is important, because of the nature of eCommerce.
See how Scrollads has created the user experience, attention and inventory.
Interesting infographics and sample links are available.
Sungho Park
Sungho Park@seihakustyle
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Scrollads website is renewed.
We made effort to deliver information easily and intuitively.
I would be glad if you visit website once in your time.
Thank you.