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Business trip to Vietnam

Cốc Cốc, Geniee, Tenmax Vietnam, Tenmax Taiwan, Mindshare ( 7 / 23 ~ 7 / 25 ) It was pleasure discussing about mobile ads and Scrollads.Let’s make better advertising products

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See you in Vietnam.

I believe that through the Scrollads, we will learn more and become more sympathetic.Together, let’s make better mobile advertising products.See you in Vietnam.

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我即将去北京。 我想谈谈 scrollads 的情况。这有助于提高贵公司的销售业绩。我想与您分享我们所学的东西。我想向你学习。如果我们能够精诚合作,将会创造更多价值。 期待与您相识。 2018 年 6 月 7 至 15 日

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