Scrollads is a mobile display ad. When a customer scrolls,  ad goes up, and it will convert back to original article at certain point. It is a product with new concept.


Ads will not be shown at upper 2/3 area


Ads will be shown at bottom 1/3 area

About Scrollads

If contents are enough, Scrollads can expose 10 ad copy, 10 images at the same time. Advertiser can expose product information in most efficient manner.

Competitive point 1.

You can show 10 ad texts + 10 ad images + 10 ad videos, total of 30 ad contents. Because every ad contents will be shown in numeric order, messages can be delivered as story.

Competitive point 2

Even if it’s first time customers see the product, they will like it when they see it many times. Repetitive impressions increase familiarity and drive trust in the product. As customers read articles, they are naturally exposed repeatedly. It will maximizing liking for the product.

Competitive point 3

Neuro marketing is a marketing effect that stimulates the brain and it leads to the behavior of customers. Unlike traditional advertising through the brain, Scrollads works by stimulating the brain and delivering messages.

Annoyed users

No more inconvience.
No more annoying close button.
Decent readability

Whatever advertisers want.

Scrollads is a story telling ads with 10 images, 10 texts and 10 videos. Advertisers can appeal their product’s advantages to customers.

For creative ad agencies.

Now ads can be appplied to texts.
Be creative with up to 10 images.
Make story telling ads with texts, images and videos.

Publisher decides ad quality.

With same amount of traffic, 2-3 times more increase in exposure.
Ads will be supplied from AD Exchange and Scrollads.
Customizable text color, guide line and ad density.

Comparison between existing ads and Scrollads.

Learn more about IAB standard ad, exposure, click count, and conversion rate for Scorllads

Scrollads benchmark

How is Scrollads differ from existing ads?

Existing ads get 1 imperssion per 1 page view. However, Scrollads get multiple impressions on 1 page view
Which means, overwhelming amount of advertising contents are repeatedly exposed at the time the users see ads.
Also, you can expose texts, images, and videos all at same time.

Do I need inventory?

No, while existing ads require inventory, Scrollads uses spaces in original article.
Texts and images on original article convert to ads.
Scrollads will make profits by making additional inventory

Is their enough attention when ads disappear as scroll?

If you look at the existing advertising method, you can think that way. However, the Scrollads is a low attention effect ad, unlike an existing ad.
Learn more about low attention effect here
Learn more about comparison between high attention effect and low attention effect here.