• Scrollads

    New type of ad that never existed before

Scrollads is a new type of front end tech in mobile ads

Scrollads technology is provided as a JavaScript library and can be displayed in the same manner as existing banner ads on the Publisher after intergate with Ad Server.


Increase in inventory

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scrollads : mobile ad

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scrollads : mobile ad

We are looking for partner company

We are developing innovative ad that never existed before.

Scrollads Integration Document.

To use the Scrollads front-end technology, you need to work with your partner’s ad server

  • Scrollads and ad server integration – Scrollads SDK has its own ad data type (JSON) required by Scrollads. In order to receive the above ad data from the SDK, the partner’s ad server will have to do additional back-end work, which allows you to implement StoryTelling format or Mere exposure ad impressions

To provide Scrollads to publishers and advertisers:

  • Scrollads publishers and advertisers – partners distribute customized Scrollads SDK integrated with ad server in CDN format.
  • The publisher then downloads the Scrollads ad request HTML from the partner company and adds it to the website HTML of the publisher.
  • Scrollads Call for ad requests from partners ‘ad servers by calling Scrollads SDK CDN, which is uploaded via partners’ advertisements via HTML, and display the ads in the Scrollads ad type in the ad campaign.
  • After all this, when an advertiser creates an ad campaign, an ad campaign is served to the publisher that is receiving the Scrollads.